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Aluena & Filippo

When the dream of the most important day in your life must be realized perfectly, the magic wand brings out a stellar team. In short, professionality, earnestness, magic, and thus excellence! Thanks to them, everything is a fairy tale.

Ilaria & Simone

The best decision for our wedding, which made us most satisfied, was deciding to make a video. The staff were truly excellent: professional people with extremely high standards of work. Never before have I cried out of happiness and been so overwhelmed. Thank you, because this could not be more true; you have gifted us with the pure thrill of reliving that day, with all its moments, with hearts bursting of happiness! It was the perfect record of the most important day. You are very special!

Marta & Tommaso

There are no words to describe them… their staff were truly fantastic! Professional, warm, precise, considerate, original: we could add 100 positive adjectives that we won’t list here but that entirely apply!!!

Carmen & Christian

Last night we were watching our video. Despite the passing months, every time we have sat in front of that screen to watch our film, we are able to experience the thoughts, the emotions; the colours, the flavours, the smells we felt that day. They are all still alive and we can relive and savour them every time those marvellous images pass before our eyes. We had decided that we didn’t want a video for our wedding but the wedding planner (that knows you well) recommended that we look at some of your works… something struck us! We met up and we thought that you were the right choice, you spread so much serenity and professionality! You tried to understand what we liked and we were immediately in tune… from that day a lovely friendship was born! Stefano and Giulia are a brilliant couple; two solid professionals with impeccable taste, sensibility, and able to capture the emotions, colours, smells and tastes of the best day in your life. We would choose you time and time again! Here’s a simple and big affectionate… Thank you!!

Michele & Vanessa

Brilliant, innovative, enterprising, truly original, professional! We were truly satisfied with our wedding day: with the kindness, tact and helpfulness Stefano and his collaborators had in regards to both us and our guests. The final result of the video went above and beyond all expectations! Thank you!

Emma & Zac

We love our wedding video so much, nearly two years on we still sit down to watch it together from time to time. Stefano and his team were amazing in capturing the mood of the day in such a perfect way. They made us feel relaxed and as such the video is exactly as we'd hoped for. He even incorporated music that we had played on the day. Thank you

Gionatan & Maria

We looked for about a year in order to make the right choice for our “dream wedding.” We wanted all the sacrifices we’d made to be captured to then transmit a pinch of the emotions we were feeling. To this day we see friends, relatives and strangers be moved by their work of art! Whatever price they may ask for, Stefano Milaneschi and his troupe, deserve every penny. They put heart into their work and they do this as true professionals, still being able to guide you through every choice and making you feel like a friend, whilst having an authentic result that is pregnant with emotion! It’s the best decision you can make!

Elena & Alessio

During the wedding organisation and after having seen various works, we were convinced that the choice of hiring professional videographers for the coverage of our wedding was fundamental. Indeed, we were given the confirmation that this was the right choice. The video is all that remains of the magnificent day and choosing an impromptu videographer, even if he or she were to be somewhat good, would have been a mistake.

Francesco & Sara

If you desire a video for your wedding that is detailed, young, funny but above all natural, MilaneschiFilms and its staff is the perfect team! Sensitivity, discretion, professionalism and creativity are all defining traits of their team.

Alice & Luca

We looked around a lot but finally after several months had the luck of meeting perfection and more. They have absolutely no rivals in the video sector. We had absolutely no doubts since the very beginning. They, in every minute detail, reflected what we were looking for to capture, immortalize and remember our perfect day. Every time we watch our video, we are able to relive the experience and emotions of that day time and time again, which is a testament to their work… Stefano and all his fantastic staff have absolutely no equals! They have rendered that day infinite and as with their work it will never end! Extremely professional, exceptional, magnificent, kind, versatile, original, cordial, and much more… because no adjective can do them justice! Have no doubts… no one is better than them… only Stefano and his staff go above and beyond all expectations… even yours! An affectionate hug to all of you. My husband and I will never stop thanking you!

Riccardo & Daniela

Choosing Stefano and his staff to film our wedding was the best decision we could have made. We were convinced of this from the first meeting with them, after having talked with him and seen a variety of his works. We were convinced even more on the wedding day when all our guests complimented us for their professionalism and our convictions were confirmed the day we saw the final video. We cannot say how often we have looked at our video and cried and laughed. We are extremely satisfied with having discovered these great artists! Oh yes, choosing MilaneschiFilms was the best decision we could have made and in hindsight would definitely make again!


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