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The project started years ago with the aim of offering our customers a unique and exclusive packaging. So we started looking for a local company that could make our dream come true. In the research we found what could be best on the wood market. We entered the warehouse and we were faced with tons of recycled wood and immediately we knew that this was the way.

The Idea

Since ours is an exclusively handcrafted product, our films carefully examined and processed, we wanted to create something unique, starting from recycled wood. Together with the owner of this company we have chosen the most particular and unique materials, we have created the design and went into production of what for us represents the right combination of craftsmanship and exclusivity.

Technology and manual skills

aaaThanks to the support of numerical control machines and the latest generation industry 4.0, our box was created starting precisely from waste materials from the wood sector of Tuscan companies. With this technology and these machines it has been possible to create very small joints and even to make ultra-thin sheets of wild oak.

Here is our precious casket

And here is our casket. It is not a simple wooden box but a mix of excellence and quality starting from materials from processing waste. The casing is made of walnut veneer and each casket is different from the other. The surface tree of life is made from wild oak. The inside of the casket is lined with jute and hemp. All hand assembled by skilled hands.

Your memories

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